Appling an antique glaze to your ceiling medallions will create old world sophistication.
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These medallions are made to order. Production time is approx 1.5 to 2 weeks. Some larger, or deeply ornate items may require longer production times. Each medallion is constructed of reinforced plaster. Pricing does not include shipping costs. Shipping methods vary, from Next Day to UPS Ground service. The medallion will be packed in a protective crate, which is included in the pricing.
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Create a Period Style or simply enhance and create charm or sophisticated elegance to any room by adding a decorative ceiling medallion. ArchitecturalFX brings you a wide selection of ceiling medallions and roses, ranging from historically accurate motifs to regional designs. Or have our experts create a unique pattern that fits your individual style.
Adam Style Georgian Victorian Italianate French Renaissance
Federal Empire Art Nouveau Neoclassical Greek Revival
Adam Style
'Drops in Fan' Ceiling Medallion

Taking inspiration from Roman art, Adam Style challenged the somewhat rigid pragmatism of the Georgian and neo-Palladian design. Where Georgian design was angular, even stolid, Adam style was graceful and curvilinear.

48 in dia. Arrives in 4 pieces
Actual weight 30 lbs
Shipping weight 40 lbs.

item # 3010

More about Adam Style

Adam Style
'Drops in Fan - Oval'
Ceiling Medallion

18.50" h x 33" d
Actual weight 15 lbs
Shipping weight 22 lbs.

item # 3011

More about Adam Style

Adam Style
'Feather Leaf'
Decorative Ceiling Medallion.


17.50" in dia.
Actual weight 8 lbs
Shipping weight 20 lbs.

item # 3009

More about Adam Style

Georgian Style
Octagonal - Decorative Ceiling Medallion.

Georgian interiors, in keeping with the architecture, emphasize an elegant sense of proportion.  Rooms are airy and light, color schemes pale, and classical symmetry is paramount.  
Plaster walls, paneled halfway up (called a "dado") and painted cream or sage, might be adorned with elaborate crown molding.  Ceilings were commonly festooned with decorative plaster: ribbons, swags, classical urns and even figural sculpture. 

22.25 in dia.
Actual weight 8 lbs
Shipping weight 15 lbs.

item # 3030

More about Georgian Style

Georgian Style
Roman Acanthus
Decorative Ceiling Medallion.

31.25 in dia.
Actual weight 30 lbs
Shipping weight 60 lbs.

item # 3006

More about Georgian Style

Victorian Style
Decorative Ceiling Medallion.

During the Victorian era, the interiors were rich and exciting. Entering into a home you could enjoy decorative plaster moldings or cornices. Intricately patterned friezes, ceiling medallions, even mirror frames were highly embellished. Wonderfully turned balusters to support your stair railing reminds us of the grand entrance.

24 in dia.
Actual weight 15 lbs
Shipping weight 35 lbs.

item # 3002

More about Victorian Style

Victorian Style
'Twisted Leaf"
Decorative Ceiling Medallion.

19.50 in dia.
Actual weight 5 lbs
Shipping weight 10 lbs.

item # 3008

More about Victorian Style

Victorian Style
'Curled Leaf
Decorative Ceiling Medallion.

14.75 in dia.
Actual weight 5 lbs
Shipping weight 10 lbs.

item # 3005

More about Victorian Style

Italianate Style
'Rope Acanthus'
Italian Renaissance
Decorative Ceiling Medallion.

41.50 in dia.
Actual weight 30 lbs
Shipping weight 50 lbs.

item # 3032

French Renaissance Style
Palmettes and Garlands
Decorative Ceiling Medallion.


34 in dia.
Actual weight 15 lbs
Shipping weight 35 lbs.

item # 3029

Federal Empire Style
Decorative Ceiling Medallion.

Note: Professional required for installation

With the end of the Revolution and the birth of the new republic, Americans looked to ancient Rome for cultural as well as political
inspiration.  At the same time, newly professionalized American architects sought to express the power and influence of their patrons by creating dignified yet democratic homes.  The result of this political and aesthetic cross-pollination was the Federal style, which soon became identified with the hopes, ideals, and character of the young nation.


43 in dia.
Actual weight 25 lbs
Shipping weight 75 lbs.

item # 3025

More about Federal Style

Art Nouveau Style
Decorative Ceiling Medallion.

Casting off the previous hundred years of architecture and design, Art Nouveau style created a sensation when it exploded onto the Paris and London scenes at the turn of the twentieth century. Although Art Nouveau may appear harmlessly pretty now, late Victorians found its flamboyance shocking, and most either loved it or hated it. It was the first truly modern design style, making a conscious break with history and tradition and beating down the barriers between the fine arts and the decorative arts.

30 in dia.
Actual weight 15 lbs
Shipping weight 35 lbs.

item # med_3031

More about Art Nouveau Style

Neoclassical Style
Greek Revival
Decorative Ceiling Medallion.

Neoclassical architecture ranges from the rectilinear Georgian style to the more graceful, curvilinear mode devised by the Scottish designer Robert Adam and adopted in America in the form of Federal style.  Symmetry, arched Palladian windows, a fanlight over the centered front door, dentil molding below the cornice, and decorative columns or pilasters are the basic elements of this architectural style.

34.75 in dia.
Actual weight 20 lbs
Shipping weight 35 lbs.

item # 3026

More about Neoclassical Style

One of our high quality plaster molds, for accurate reproductions.

We offer custom installation, restoration and reproduction services; or create your own ceiling medallion!
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